St. Louis the King Garden Club

The grounds and rectory are looking great thanks to our volunteers.

So sorry that we will not be available on this Thursday, August 17th.  We were on vacation last week and have family here this week.  We are taking the Piers Gorge Raft tour in Norway on Wednesday and then heading to Appleton to return our great granddaughter (who’s just about had enough of us….😇) and spend time with family there.
If you would like, there is a lot of weeding needed in the “hellspot” – where the three Japenese Tree Lilacs are, and up through “purgatory” – where the cross and memorials are located.  You are certainly welcome to have a weeding session, and can leave the weeds for Rhode’s pick-up on our return. 
The hostas’ flowers are also floppy and past their prime and can be removed.
I hope you like the new color of the Rectory garage door and front door (Carol Mills picked out the paint so you can let her know…).   We also painted the trim around the door.  But, there is additional work on the front door edges and interior side where we will make it the same color as the exterior.  We also need to discuss a color for the cement stoop, which should complement the front of the rectory.  We’ll add sand to the cement paint to keep it from being slippery in the winter.  This should be our next project as I see (UGH…) some of the trees already starting to turn fall colors.
We are anxious to get back into our weekly routine on Thursday evenings and hope you can find time to help us keep the grounds in shape.
Thank you to all of you for your continuing help.
Rhode and Carol

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FIRST MEETING:  Thursday,  May 11th   at 6:00 p.m. in Gauthier Hall
         Potluck, informational meeting, work bee – weather permitting.
 WEEKLY THURSDAY WORK BEES during the growing season.
Please come help us plant, weed, water, prune, cut lawn and rework the garden beds; or you can adopt a space and add your own garden to the grounds. 
The garden beds are starting to come alive and should look beautiful in a few years as they mature.

We are sharing gardening tips and techniques that work in our area, and beautifying the world  around our beloved St. Louis the King Church.

ALL ARE WELCOME!   The club meets the first Thursday of the month with a potluck/meeting in either the Gazebo or Sacred Heart Room in the Church basement.  Contact Carol or Rhode LaBine for more information  @ 249-1766.


Saint Louis the King Statue Arrives



The club is looking for people to adopt one of the garden areas on the parish grounds.

 Donations of non-invasive plants are welcome.  Contact Rhode or Carol for more information @ 249-1766