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Finance Council  meets the 3rd Wednesday monthly at noon in the library. Finances are reported in weekly bulletins and yearly to parish members. Financial reports and annual reports are also available on this website.  For specific information, see the office or come to a meeting.

Finance Council Members

Finance Committee Chairperson Michael Roy

249-9508 or email:

Personnel Committee Chair: Denise McDonald

249-3671 or email:

Building and Grounds Chair: Shawn Dorcy

920-445-3505 or email:
 Stewardship and Development Committee Chair
Bruce Sherony
249-3781 or email:
Balance of Finance Committee
Ann Clement
Jim Ledford
Jean Dorcy
Gerald LaBine
David Lynch
Carol Mills

Collection Counting 
Three persons each Monday morning are needed to prepare the deposit.
See Debbie in the office to volunteer for this.

Financial Reports

Annual Report

Financial Reports